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February 13, 2018 Cooking, Use & Care

If you are like many, you have a big, beautiful KitchenAid mixer sitting on your counter, but you struggle to remember all the ways that the manual said that you could use it. Besides that, just because you have a meat grinder attachment and know how to use it doesn’t mean that you have recipes that require meat grinding. You may LOVE your KitchenAid appliances, but you may be only scratching the surface of what they can do. This is why we love KitchenAid’s blog, The Kitchenthusiast.

This blog has everything you could ever want filed neatly in categories and easily searchable at your fingertips. Here are some of our favorite sections:


The recipes they feature tell you exactly how to use your KitchenAid appliances to make really delicious food. The recipes have lots of beautiful pictures and are easy to follow. You can also search recipes based on appliances and even by occasion. Even if you don’t have KitchenAid appliances, many of them can be easily adapted to what you do have.

Tips & Techniques

This section features everything you ever need to know about the kitchen, from how to choose the right refrigerator to how host a wine tasting party. The tips were so practical and helpful that we cannot get enough.

Entertaining Advice

No matter what type of event you are holding, this section has great ideas that you can actually use. They aren’t over-complicated, but their tips can help your event be a huge success.

Design Tips

We like this section because it focuses on more than just remodeling an entire kitchen. You can find tips from professionals for any size budget or project.


This section has a complete list of KitchenAid events. You might even find a must-attend event to design your next vacation around!

Everything on this blog reflects the quality and excellence that KitchenAid puts into all of their products. It’s definitely worth checking out, and if you find a KitchenAid appliance that you simply must have, then come into Appliance Gallery and check them out in person.