Jenn-Air warming drawer, open with food inside
April 14, 2018 Food Prep, Fresh Ideas

Whether you’re keeping side dishes warm while you’re cooking a main dish or keeping a plate warm for a relative who’s running late, warming drawers will save you time from reheating your meal. You’ll also save more energy than using a microwave because warming drawers only use a minimal amount of electricity. Additionally, if you mount it directly under the oven, not only will it be convenient, but you’ll have less heat loss. A 30-inch model can generally hold up to six full-size dinner plates, so there’s plenty of room.

Some warming drawers have moisture controls that allow you to control the humidity, so you can keep your fried chicken crisp and your lasagna moist. The drawers are ideal for proofing bread. They also allow you to set the perfect temperature for the food you’re keeping warm. The controls are usually hidden behind the front cover, giving a sleek design to the exterior. Plus, you can customize the panels so they can blend in perfectly with any kitchen.

Thanks to the warming drawer, you can keep your entire meal warm and delicious effortlessly so you can spend more time with your family and less time reheating. Now your meals will be the perfect temperature every time.