Miele gas on glass cooktop
August 18, 2018 Food Prep, Fresh Ideas

Do you love cooking with gas but sometimes wish that the surface was easier to clean? Do you want your gas stove to carry out the sleek, modern design of the rest of your modern kitchen? With the introduction of two Gas on Glass cooktops, Miele, the largest family-owned luxury appliance manufacturer, has raised the bar in cooking technology and design. Like all Miele products, the sophisticated Gas on Glass cooktops are designed for life: the configuration of both allows for even heat, easy clean-up and assured safety.

When you decide to purchase Miele, you partner with a company who is dedicated to “immer besser,” trying to be “forever better.”

The black glass cooktops, available in 24” and” 36” options, are ideal for any small or large kitchen setting. For ease of use, the control panel is centrally located with stainless steel knobs. With Miele QuickStart technology, the convenient rotary electronic controls switch the burners on without the constraint of needing to press or hold the controls. Both cooktops also include Miele signature ComfortClean dishwasher-safe grates, made for easy pot and pan transfer between burners.

To ensure a safe cooking experience with each use, the GasStop & Restart feature will automatically re-ignite the flame if the flame withers while cooking. If the re-ignition fails, the gas supply is temporarily withdrawn for optimal safety. Check out the features of the new models:

    • Stainless steel trim
    • Four sealed burners designed for different heat levels
    • A high speed burner that reaches 9,300 BTU
    • A simmer burner that reaches as low as 3,750 BTU, ideal for simmering delicate ingredients such as chocolate or butter
    • Two standard burners that reach 5,800 BTU and can be modified with minimal effort
    • A Super (Wok) burner that can reach 16,500 BTU exclusively on the KM 3054


If you are ready to start getting everything you want in a gas cooktop, it’s time to come into Appliance Gallery to see everything that these cooktops have to offer. When you decide to purchase Miele, you partner with a company who is dedicated to “immer besser,” trying to be “forever better.” At Appliance Gallery, we love being able to introduce the best in the industry to our customers.