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Thermador kitchen

When you entertain indoors during the holidays, you end up spending a lot of time with your guests in the kitchen. Because cooking with friends is now part of the entertaining experience, it’s important to clean as you cook so the kitchen isn’t left messy right before you sit down to enjoy a good meal. …

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Bosch Benchmark Steam Oven Cookies

At this time of year, the calendar gets just as packed as your refrigerator. From holiday parties and cookie exchanges to leftovers from large meals, a steam oven can make it all better. Here are a few of our favorite steam oven tips for the holidays: Save time cooking and get more time with guests. …

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Let’s face it. Ice is cool, and it really adds a special touch to your chilled beverages. The best mixologists can produce great cocktails, but if the ice is soft, watery or off tasting, their skill is for naught. High quality ice takes your drinks to another level. But that’s not all it’s good for. …

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fruit frozen in ice cubes

If you find yourself turning down fresh fruits and vegetables that are on sale this summer or coming from a friend’s garden because you can’t use them before they go bad, you need to look into getting a freezer. When you figure out how to preserve the best foods of the summer, you can enjoy …

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Baskets of produce at a local farmer's market

Cooking with local produce improves the entire essence of a dish. By simply preparing with fresh ingredients, a meal is quickly and easily transformed from dull to delicious. There’s nothing quite like spending a summery Saturday morning at the farmer’s market, filling a large basket with a carefully chosen assortment of brightly colored and flavorful …

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Bosch Benchmark steam oven open with food

After a long day of work, you reach into the refrigerator to assess your dinner options, and you’re faced with a choice: to cook or to reheat leftovers. While a fresh meal is always the preferred option, it’s often tempting to pair last night’s leftovers with a glass of wine and settle in for the …

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Loaded Bosch dishwasher

Loading the dishwasher sounds simple. For most of us, it’s a daily activity that is almost as routine as brushing our teeth. But are you loading your dishwasher the right way? Of course you are, right? We know that nearly half of all American couples admit to arguing about how to properly load the dishwasher. …

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Hand holding lint collector in front of dryer

Did you know you may have a hidden danger, an unexpected fire hazard, lurking in your home? It’s a pesky little thing you don’t think about much. Can you guess what it is? It’s lint. It’s true, lint is a huge fire hazard. Lint can travel anywhere and builds up very easily. Companies that clean …

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Pepper on knife on cutting board with tablet

If you are like many, you have a big, beautiful KitchenAid mixer sitting on your counter, but you struggle to remember all the ways that the manual said that you could use it. Besides that, just because you have a meat grinder attachment and know how to use it doesn’t mean that you have recipes …

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