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Miele gas on glass cooktop

Do you love cooking with gas but sometimes wish that the surface was easier to clean? Do you want your gas stove to carry out the sleek, modern design of the rest of your modern kitchen? With the introduction of two Gas on Glass cooktops, Miele, the largest family-owned luxury appliance manufacturer, has raised the …

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Thermdor Liberty induction cooktop with pot and griddle

It may seem like some sort of magic, but once you understand how induction cooking works, you realize that it’s actually pretty simple science. Under the glass cooktop are magnetic coils. When an electrical current passes through these coils it transfers a magnetic field to the pan above it, heating the pan and the food …

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KitchenAid 5 drawer refrigerator with closed doors

When you entertain, you know that things will go more smoothly, and you’ll enjoy the party more, when you are prepared. KitchenAid recently unveiled a new, multi-door, free-standing refrigerator with a five-compartment configuration that provides unparalleled control for organizing and preserving the freshness of foods. With several new and innovative features, this fridge keeps everything …

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Open Bosch dishwasher featuring the MyWay rack

You have loaded your dishwasher in the most efficient way possible, carefully arranging things so no space was wasted. However, no matter how well things are arranged, some pieces always get left out. You shift and replace items repeatedly, but still can’t seem to make it all work. You tell yourself that if you just …

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Jenn-Air warming drawer, open with food inside

Whether you’re keeping side dishes warm while you’re cooking a main dish or keeping a plate warm for a relative who’s running late, warming drawers will save you time from reheating your meal. You’ll also save more energy than using a microwave because warming drawers only use a minimal amount of electricity. Additionally, if you …

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Thermador refrigeration in the kitchen

This is not your Grandma’s refrigerator! Thermador is an iconic American brand that has been innovating appliances since 1916. In fact, your grandmother may have had a Thermador refrigerator, and these appliances were so well-made that there are probably some still running today. But just making appliances that stand the test of time isn’t enough …

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Beautiful Thermador kitchen

Over the years we’ve delivered and installed every type of appliance you can imagine. Based on our engagement with high-profile homeowners and our extensive experience with custom builders and designers, here’s our top five list of how these homeowners prepare their kitchens for refined living and amazing entertaining. Wine Preservation Quick access to wine and …

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Bosch 800 series pocket dishwasher with 3rd rack

You’ve heard nothing but good things about Bosch dishwashers, one of the highest-rated dishwasher brands in America. But their most recent 800 series has outdone itself and quickly become one of the best dishwashers on the market according to Like the 500 series, the new series also has three racks, a detergent dispenser specifically …

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Miele kitchen with French door refrigerator

Miele, the largest family-owned luxury appliance manufacturer, introduced a PerfectCool French door refrigerator as its first product launch of 2017. This newest 36-inch option is the first French door refrigerator by Miele and completes the PerfectCool collection, which currently consists of a 24-inch refrigerator column, a 24-inch freezer column, and a 24-inch bottom-mount. The refrigerator …

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Speed Queen laundry pair

If you’re not familiar with Speed Queen, you really should get to know them and the products they manufacture. They produce commercial washers and dryers for laundromats, hospitals, hotels, and military bases. The best part is that Speed Queen builds these same commercial-grade appliances for the home. These strong, powerful machines are built to last …

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